Te Reo Māori

Te Reo Māori, Tikanga Māori & Kapa Haka

Te Reo and Tikanga Māori is integrated into the Ōwairaka District School curriculum.  All students are taught the school pepeha and this is recited at every assembly and at the beginning of Board meetings.  Students are also supported to learn their own pepeha and the history of Ōwairaka. The Kapa Haka group meets every Friday afternoon.

Kapa Haka provides an avenue for Māori students to access the Māori world and be culturally-connected learners… For non-Māori students, Kapa Haka provides a conduit to appreciate the unique role of Māori in shaping the New Zealand identity.”  Alice Patrick

Students completed an inquiry about the history of Ōwairaka.

“Wairaka was a Māori ancestor from the Mt Albert area of Auckland. She was known as one of the beautiful daughters of Toroa, chief of the Ngāti Awa tribe and captain of the Mataatua waka (canoe). Wairaka is remembered for her bravery. She was known as a strong leader of her people. Our school and our mountain are both called Ōwairaka, meaning it belongs to or is where she (Wairaka) lived”.

As a result of their research, the students produced a school pepeha. 

Pepeha With Macron Updated 2023.pdf