Travelwise School

Ōwairaka District School is a Travelwise School. We work with children, families, Auckland Transport and the Police to:

  • encourage children and parents to walk to school

  • reduce traffic chaos at the school gate

  • promote walking school buses

  • improve road safety.

Great Reasons To Walk, Bike Or Scooter To School With Your Child/ren

Being Travelwise on the way to school is an excellent way to include daily physical activity into your child/ren’s life. And if you do this with them, it’s an excellent way to get some physical activity for yourself too! Here are 10 great reasons to walk, bike or scooter to school together:

1. It’s fun

2. It’s healthy

3. It’s non-polluting

4. It’s friendly

5. It reduces stress

6. It’s a chance to teach and learn road safety skills

7. It’s considerate

8. It’s educational

9. It’s free - no petrol money!

10. It makes the street outside our school safer.

It doesn’t take long to walk, bike or scooter to school!

Are you interested in joining or starting a Walking School Bus? Please get in touch by phoning the office (09) 846 5091 or via email: